Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Position Open

Interested in filling it? email poderlatino!vassar.edu

Rebecca M. Fernandez - La Presidente

Class of 2007

Major: Women's Studies

Homeland: Boriken y Garfield, NJ

I love my sister.

Interests: Understanding this contradiction that is an "-"American identity, Border politics (physical - metaphysical), access to higher education, understanding race theory and class warfare, the American Black-White dichotomy, Tainismo, representations of the Latina body, photographing Black & White in Black & White and brown women's voices to name a few. I do love Vassar.
email: refernandez@vassar.edu

Alexis Rivera - La Presidente Vice

Class of 2007
Major: Male Human Biology
Interests: Pepermint shots, Danity Cain and Samba dancing.

email: alrivera

James "DA POPE" Cantres - Secretary

Class of 2008
Major: History
Minor: Masculinity
Interests: Balls & bananas.

Mikey Velarde - Community Relations Chair

Class of 2009
Major: Sissyology
Interests: Photography, drunk girls and Jason Wu.

Maria Ximena Fernandez - Public Relations Chair

Class of 2007
Major: Astronomy & Physics
Minors: Latina American Studies & Math

I am from Colombia

Interests: latin american literature and films, watching soccer (especially Selección Colombia and River Plate) and infrared luminous galaxies (my thesis!!).

Bonnie Velez - Freshman Representative

Class of 2010
Intended major:

email: bovelez

Jennifer Son - Freshman Representative

Class of 2010

Intended Major: Biochemistry

Interests: *Singing!*Human rights*Persistence*Talking*Showtunes*Broadway
Shows*Black and White Photography*Learning*Laughing*Ceramics*
Jogging*Godiva Chocolate*Perfume*Reading*Arguing/Debating*
Movies*Bubble Tea*Driving*Shopping*Chemistry*Night time strolls*

email: jeson

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poder Latina/o 2006-2007

Photographer: Mikey Velarde

In the back, left to right: Mikey Velarde, Jackie Klapak, Alexis Rivera, Rebecca M. Fernandez, James Cantres
In the front, left to right: Victor Monterrosa, Isella ramirez, Angelic X. Sosa, Bonnie Velez, Jason Wu

Executive Board 2005-2006

Photographer: Mikey Velarde

In the back, left to right: Roberto Muller, Alexis Rivera, James Cantres
Inthe front, left to right: Joel Arce, Angelic X. Sosa, Rebecca M. Fernandez